In the event of weather or other emergencies, regular transit service may stop to allow for evacuations or to take citizens with special needs* to shelters. If you will need evacuation assistance prior to a hurricane, complete the Manatee County Emergency Management Division Assisted Care Questionnaire Form (obtain by calling EOC at (941) 748-4501). In the event of a hurricane the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will be activated.

A Manatee County Government Employee will call you – tell them you do or do not need transportation to a shelter. If you do, MCAT will provide transportation – be packed and ready to go.

MCAT will call you to verify your request for transportation and identify the approximate pick-up time either by bus or ambulance and transport to the shelter and return when appropriate.

*Special needs shelters serve those individuals who need electricity for oxygen, hands-on medical help or would be in jeopardy without help for a lengthy period of time. Individuals who feel they qualify for the special needs designation should fill out the Manatee County Emergency Management Division Assisted Care Questionnaire and submit it for review. Approved individuals will be notified. Update your emergency information at (941) 748-4501 – ask for “Emergency Management.”

Special Needs Video and Registration

The Special Needs Registry is designed to assist residents of Manatee County who will require transportation or sheltering assistance when the citizen is notified to evacuate their residence because of a storm.

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Special Needs Letter, Checklist and Application

Hurricane Season begins June 1 and runs through the end of November.

You may need to evacuate your home from a pending hurricane if you are power dependent or live in an evacuation zone or in a mobile home. Residents are encouraged to use public sheltering only if no other options exist.

If you need evacuation transportation or require sheltering assistance, you must preregister.

The application and checklists are available below. Please complete, print and sign the application. Return the completed application to Manatee County Emergency Management, P.O. Box 1000, Bradenton, Florida 34206-1000.  Annual registration is required. Once registered, you will automatically receive an application for renewal approximately 60 days prior to your birthday.


Letter of Instruction and Checklist – English

Special Needs Application

Aplicación españoles y lista de control

Carta de instrucciones y listas de comprobación en español

Necesidades de aplicación especial en español